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Globe Masters Software External  Development.


This section details external development and consulting of Globe Masters Software.




    5.05.2002 SURELABS Pty Ltd, Video Surveillance Solutions, Australia.

    • Developed a variety of products.
    • Stingray Pro Ultra.
    • Diamond.
    • Guard Center for Security control rooms.
    • Swordfish.
    • Stingray IP.
    • Serial Generator.
    • LiveUpdate and Kickstart.
    • Website Developement
    • SMS - MMS - MVS.


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    15.01.2001 PINEAPPLEHEAD, Broadcasting Solutions, Australia.

    • Developed GolfTrack application, brother of PLAYTRACK application.


    10.05.2000 ALCON, Australia

    • Developed Main Construction Shopfitters and Glaziers Application.